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Hygiene is very important at HoneySpot when it comes to nail care. All our equipment is sterilised properly so that clients don’t generate any problems with their nails due to infection from one person to another. This is very important to us therefore we take extra care. We use OPI for all of our nail care needs.

Our Pricing

File, Buff & Polish fingers/toes $15/20

File, Buff & Polish GelColour fingers/toes $30/40

Manicure $30

Pedicure $40

Manicure & Pedicure $65

Manicure GelColour $45

Pedicure Gelcolour $55

Manicure & Pedicure GelColour $90

GelColour Removal $10

GelColour Removal with a Manicure/ Pedicure $5


Children’s Polish (under 5 years old)  $5